SkaterBIRD Rooftop Installation.

Sculptors and skaters riff in a similar manner. Both skills require creativity and physical aptitude. Sculptures like SkaterBIRD require many daring moves involving years of practice, thousands of pounds of metal, molten temperatures and brute strength. There’s something equally badass about the skater’s “will-not-settle-for-mediocrity” attitude. Mastering moves takes a lot of repetition, dedication and passion. The beauty of skateboarding is ephemeral and almost surreal when the athlete catches air. SkaterBIRD captures such a moment. The SkaterBIRD is positioned as if pushing off the top of a 13-story building in such a way that a big move is possible, bringing a sense that an adventure is ahead. Let’s go!

SkaterBIRD Rooftop Installation
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