Pearl is a strong and graceful figure. She represents a string of heartfelt prayers said just for you. Because those who love you cannot always be with you, Pearl is a proxy to remind you to reach out for support. Life's journey can be painful. With each loss, setback, and disappointment, we suffer a chip in our armor. Those dents and scratches don't go away; they are filled in with love and reinforcement from those around you.

Pearl is adorned with shells that hold deep meaning. Repetitive prayers from a kind heart can be transformative, like a grain of sand becoming an iridescent gem over time. The two shells are reminiscent of hands folded together in prayer. Pearl's eyes are closed, and she has a curl atop her head to indicate an active mind in a peaceful state. Her back panel reads: "Prayers."


Ambassador Antiqued Pewter | Approx 2 1/2" Tall | Packaged with Story Notecard in Custom Can
Traveler 14k Gold-Plated Pewter | Thumb Size | Packaged in Petite Bottle with a Story Scroll

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About the Maker: Christy Coltrin

The making of this artwork started at home using clay and cake-decorating tools, as she thought about what was most important in life. Once the characters and short stories were defined, Christy took the clays into the sculpture studio she co-owns with her husband. These petite, sculptural figures are made using time-honored casting methods. Each Tiny Sparks edition is produced in two intimate sizes: the Ambassadors editions are about four finger tall, and the Travelers editions are about the size of a thumb. Slight variations in size and finish are part of the handmade charm.

Pearl: Prayers (Ambassador)
$ 45.00

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