Earlier this year, Brad Oldham Sculpture hosted an event in studio for a McLaren P1 car. During this event, Brad learned that McLaren’s speed-mark logo evolved from a drawing of a kiwi bird, as a nod to Bruce McLaren’s homeland of New Zealand. You never know where inspiration will hit. The shape of the two-footed bird intrigued sculptor Brad Oldham. This bird does not fly and it propelled by its strong two feet working in unison to run as fast as a human. The kiwi bird is highly adaptable, and this is a quality worth remembering. 


Enjoy the polished-brass sculpture on a stone base in your home or office as a beautiful reminder of how powerful it is to work in unison with those around you. Look at Kiwi to think about what unusual talents you bring to the table.

7” tall x 11” long x 2” deep, polished brass on stone base
$ 325.00

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