Ingrid and Ray.

Ingrid, "The Animal Lover," fits in a niche within the Lumen Light Team that is often overlooked. Youthful, spirited, and rambunctious, Ingrid sees to the smaller ones on two and four legs. This animal lover's gift is to make the world accessible and enjoyable to pets and children alike, providing the small touches that promote the most immense results. Great things come in small packages and Ingrid is the lightening in a bottle. 

Best friend to Ingrid, Ray is the epitome of undying energy and devotion, representative of the entire team's mission-oriented goals. It's not often a mascot completely represents the characteristics of the team, but Ray is an exception. The Lumen Light Team's mascot is a pup of indescribable breed with an intelligent pedigree. With Ray, happiness is always limitless and nothing is impossible with his optimistic outlook. And, like the team itself, Ray will always be glad to see you again no matter how long between visits. You will find no greater loyalty than that Ray provides.