With his beret atop his handsome head and a baguette tucked under his arm, his accessories show him as a seductive Frenchman ready for a private picnic with the one who makes his heart skip a beat. It doesn't matter that Faux Faux Frenchie was born in Africa; he's a true Frenchman at heart who likes to treat his special person with all his attention. When this hippo saunters into your life, someone think you deserve to be smothered with affection.

Faux Faux Frenchie comes with a copy of the book called Hefty Love: The Hippo 5 Collection. A sweet note can be inscribed in this book to personalize it to your special one.

Material: bronze
Height: 8 inches Width: 5 inches
Depth: 5.5 inches Weight: 7.75 pounds

Faux Faux Frenchie
$ 595.00

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