Brad Oldham created Owney the dog sculpture in honor of a great dog by the same name.  During the late 1880's, a homeless terrier mix showed up at a U.S. Post Office in Albany, NY.  The clerks took care of him and allowed Owney to ride the postal wagons.  Soon the employees considered Owney their good luck charm.  The Postmaster General made Owney a jacket so he could proudly display the medals awarded him during his work with the Post Office.  Now Owney can be your good luck charm as you remember all the hard-working dogs you've known.
This edition is artist signed and individually numbered. The scale of this sculpture provides many display options. Owney looks great on a bookshelf, side table or on a piano. 


Height: 2 inches Width: 4.5 inches
Depth: 2 inches Weight:  .5 pound

Owney also comes in a 7-inch-tall edition - click here to see him larger.

Owney 2-inch-tall edition
$ 68.00

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