Atlas displays his serene inner strength like a Buddha. No matter what happens in life, remember that courage and strength can be found in the least likely places. If one needs to get through a tough situation, think of Atlas's broad shoulders to recall that you do have strength from the people who love and support you. Atlas will not break or bend under pressure. His sturdy composition gives him strength throughout his life. 

Atlas stands proud and provides comfort in the hand. Like a worry stone, his bald head and the indentation in his stomach make comforting places to rest a thumb or grip him tightly. His eyes are closed, and his mouth is unseen to emphasize the importance of listening to muscle through any situation. His back panel reads: "Be Strong."


Ambassador Antiqued Pewter | Approx 2 1/2" Tall | Packaged with Notecard in Custom Can

Traveler 14k Gold-Plated Pewter | Thumb Size | Packaged with Story Scroll Pendant

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About the Maker: Christy Coltrin

The making of this artwork started at home using clay and cake-decorating tools, as she thought about what was most important in life. Once the characters and short stories were defined, Christy took the clays into the sculpture studio she co-owns with her husband. These petite, sculptural figures are made using time-honored casting methods. Each Tiny Sparks edition is produced in two intimate sizes: the Ambassadors editions are about four finger tall, and the Travelers editions are about the size of a thumb. Slight variations in size and finish are part of the handmade charm.

Atlas: Strength (Ambassador)
$ 45.00

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