Dallas-based Brad Oldham International, Inc. (BOII) is a design and manufacturing company specializing in sculpture, architectural features and commercial products that are customized for site-specific installation or created for retail distribution. The three primary business units of the company are site-specific sculpture, features and products for public and commercial projects; limited-edition sculpture for retail distribution for the home and office; and retail products to increase access and awareness of BOII’s sculpture and custom products. When the three business units work together, the combined synergy elevation is greater than the sum of the parts.

Our return policy is easy – love it or send it back. If you don’t want your sculpture or purchase for any reason, return it within 15 days of purchase in its complete packaging with any accompanying collateral for a refund of the price you paid. At Brad Oldham Sculpture, our aim is to adorn your home or office with unique sculpture and sculptural items that make you happy. Let us know what didn’t work for you. We want to know. 

If you return more than two items in a calendar year, you automatically become a member of the Boomerang Club and different rules apply. There is a possibility that these club members are renting our sculptures without payment. Sure we want your house to look great during that dinner party, but free rent of sculpture doesn’t allow us to stay in business. If you are in the Boomerang Club, we need to talk on the phone or in person, or to email to identify the reasons for the return. In the end, we’re all good as long as there’s food on the table, a roof over our heads, the opportunity to make great sculpture and the occasional trip to Hawaii. 



Brad Oldham Sculpture
1200 Ross Avenue, Number 180
Dallas, Texas 75202