Dallas-based Brad Oldham International, Inc. (BOII) is a design and manufacturing company specializing in sculpture, architectural features and commercial products that are customized for site-specific installation or created for retail distribution. The three primary business units of the company are site-specific sculpture, features and products for public and commercial projects; limited-edition sculpture for retail distribution for the home and office; and retail products to increase access and awareness of BOII’s sculpture and custom products. When the three business units work together, the combined synergy elevation is greater than the sum of the parts.
Christy Coltrin

writer, collaborator, creative director, business owner


Brad Oldham and Christy Coltrin bring art, humor, and beauty to life through sculptures and stories. The two have collaborated on public art installations and private commissions for more than eight years as business partners, and longer as a husband-wife team.

Christy’s career was launched as a market analyst in the commercial real estate market in Washington, D.C. and through the years she transitioned into marketing for esteemed luxury automotive brands, such as Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Volvo, Lexus and Porsche. The fast-paced businesses of real estate and cars proved to be great training to join Brad in leading Brad Oldham Sculpture.

Collaborating with Brad on sculpture concepts and stories powerfully taps into Christy’s passion and creative skills.  Her first step is to understand the audience and environment in which the sculpture will live. Her creativity is elevated by Brad’s physical and technical skills throughout the initial exploration. Once the concept is agreed upon, she proceeds to write and to produce the materials that support Brad’s sculpture. Many of the duo’s sculpture collections are accompanied by a book in which Christy demonstrates her creative direction, design eye, and writing mastery.

In 2015, Christy finalized the debut of her first collection of gifts, Tiny Sparks, as well as the accompanying small artworks, high-design packaging and website. Through the years, these talisman-like pieces have been picked up by several outside retailers, and opened new marketing channels for the company. Christy also designed and produced a line of sterling silver pendants inspired by Brad Oldham sculpture. She's currently working on incorporating Tiny Sparks into their own line of jewelry and functional art.  Accessibility is very important to Christy. From larger-than-life-sized urban installations to the perfect dangling charm, Christy looks to inspire engagement, curiosity, and conversation.

In 2014, Christy oversaw the opening of the new Brad Oldham Studio Store in downtown Dallas. The store, event venue, and market testing space provides a new access point to purchase a Brad Oldham sculpture and gift. This business unit complements the public and private commission sculpture work for which the company is known. Providing the smaller-sized editions of public artwork allows people to bring the sculpture into their own homes and offices and to make the story their own.