Better to Give Dallas Installation

 In Better to Give, Brad Oldham and Christy Coltrin show us an ancient story, which has many variations throughout the years, but one that has not yet been told via stainless steel dog sculptures, as far as we know.


A wise and regal dog is training his puppy student when they come upon a stray dog digging a hole to bury her bone. The stray dog has her eye off the bone while digging, and the puppy suggests to his teacher that they hide the bone to play a trick on her.


It is at this point that the artists freeze the scene in this installation in order to challenge the viewer to finish the story.

The rest of the story…

The wise dog tells the puppy that he must not amuse himself at the expense of others. Instead, he suggests that the puppy bring a second bone to the hard-working dog to surprise her. The puppy follows these instructions, and the two dogs then hide to watch what happens next. When the digging dog sees two bones, she howls with delight. Four skinny puppies run out from hiding to join their delighted mother. The second bone brings such joy, and it teaches the hidden puppy an unforgettable lesson. Truly, it is better to give than to receive.