Sculpted Images on Coins is a Powerful Medium

Posted by Christy Coltrin on

World leaders already know this but it might surprise you.

A few days ago, an article from The Associated Press reported that leaders of a very bad organization ordered their followers to mint new coins that depict their group ruling the world. This is not a new tactic. Sculpted images on coins first appeared just before 400 BC in Asia Minor. The use of coin portraits spread to ancient Iran in the 2nd century BC, and the Romans mastered the sculpted coin communication channel during the Renaissance.

Above is a coin sculpted by Brad Oldham in celebration of The Birth of a City sculpture wall installed at Encore Park in Dallas, Texas. As we are ever-mindful of the power of sculpted artwork, we hope to spread beauty and gratitude through artwork such as our coin shown this post. Push past the mushy sentiment of this intention. Coins are not just functional pieces of metal with words and numbers. The bad guys know about how currency is more than money and you should too. Sculptured imagery on coins is very impactful yet often overlooked. Take a moment today to look at the coins you carry and consider what messages are displayed on them.

In the coin above, Brad features a hard-working man who helped to rebuild Dallas after the Trinity River flood of 1908. We are thankful for this unnamed man and thousands of others like him who kept Dallas growing in the early 20th century.

If you'd like to know more about The Birth of a City, please click here.

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